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2018 was an historic election for women, going from 24% to 36% of the Michigan legislature.  While the improvement is encouraging, Women are still under represented in government. the electorate.  When a political body is that imbalanced, policies that hurt women’s freedom and choice are enacted into law.  We need to have conversations in Lansing that reflect who we are as a state.

United Auto Workers

UAW Region 1 represents active and retired members in Oakland and Macomb counties.  The UAW fights for the economic security and well being of working families and retirees across the state, knowing that when working families prosper, Michigan prospers.

As a former small business owner and non-profit director, Christine works with colleagues to explore new and innovative ways to attract businesses, workers and new families to Michigan.  Our economy is constantly changing - we need progressive policies that keep Michigan growing - not only in jobs, but in quality of life.  No other state should eclipse Michigan as the state in which to live, work and play - we have it all! 

In her third term as state representative, Christine was elected by democratic colleagues to serve as the Democratic Leader.  In this capacity, Christine leads the caucus of 52 members in legislative and electoral work.  In her second term, Chris served as the House Democratic Floor Leader overseeing the voting processes for the caucus.  Her focus is strengthening collaboration and teamwork to achieve progressive democratic solutions for our state.

As a member of the House Education Committee, Christine debates the issues facing our educators, students and parents every day.  Accessible, affordable, high quality education closes the opportunity gap. We must continue to provide a strong and vibrant public education that values the whole child. We must invest in our schools and in programs that develop 21st-century skills for our children. To achieve excellence in education for all students, all stakeholders must come together to develop programs that prepare our students.

We have a moral obligation to protect our environment. We cannot be the last generation to enjoy Michigan’s beautiful nature and leave our children and future generations to struggle with constant major disruptions in their lives from heat waves, hurricanes, floods and droughts. We must act now to stop the “business as usual” environmental practices.

Christine is dedicated to finding real solutions to address Climate Change, grow our economy for long-term prosperity and keep the “pure” in Pure Michigan.

The democratic process is fundamental to a healthy government and open society. Unfortunately, many systems and rules in our government currently stand in the way of democracy. We’ve seen the Supreme Court roll back voting rights protections and campaign finance limitations; unjust redistricting practices are used to affect election outcomes; Michigan’s emergency manager law has been used to prevent local governance. In order to address any of the policy issues we care about, we need to make government more democratic and fix structural flaws in the foundation of our democracy.

Christine has always been involved in our community.  She knows the heart of Michigan is its people -- and being active in the community on a daily basis is how you build an even better place to live, work and play.

Energy to Serve Our Community

Raised in rural Indiana as the sixth child of a close-knit brood of twelve kids, Christine learned quickly that you had to work hard and work well with others to get ahead.  Her father Mike, a 50+ year small business owner, and her mother Beverly, a fulltime bookkeeper, taught Chris and her siblings to value education, be responsible for your own actions, treat everyone with respect, and help others along the way.